What is the Onco Summer School ?

The OncoSTART consortium is organizing the first edition of the OncoSTART Summer School from September 18 to 22, 2023 with the institutional support of the Imagine Institute which will host 1 school day.


This is the first summer school dedicated to entrepreneurship in oncology in France! It will allow a selection of participants to specify and accelerate the business model of their entrepreneurial project.

Primarily intended for project leaders who are candidates for entrepreneurship around the fight against cancer in the broad sense, this intensive summer school aims to help entrepreneurs build their business model by exploring the 9 themes of the CANVAS business model (BMC ). They will be able to rely on the interventions of qualified personalities with varied profiles (R&D experts, clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors, IP thematic experts, HR, patient representatives, etc.) who will provide them with both the theoretical bases and the opportunity practice through concrete cases allowing them to succeed in carrying out their entrepreneurial project.


Each half-day will be organized around one of the 9 themes of the CANVAS Business Model and divided into three stages:

– seminars to acquire the methodology and the theoretical bases concerning each topic addressed

– practical work to apply this theoretical learning with actors of the theme presented in the theoretical part above

– work time on their entrepreneurial project at the end of each day with the help of a specialized coach, in order to advance their own business model


– Allow participants to specify and refine the business model of their entrepreneurial project
– Provide participants with appropriate tools, methodologies and data to mature their entrepreneurial project
– Support participants in writing their Business Model CANVAS and in preparing a Pitch to present their project.

At the end of the week, each participant will have the opportunity to present a pitch of their business model to a panel of qualified personalities and benefit from their feedback. In addition to the pitch, participants will leave with the written Business Model of their project in BMC format.


When : from Monday September 18 to Friday September 22, 2023 (5 days)

Where : Paris 13, face-to-face (Espace Bobillot, 115 rue Bobillot)

Target audience : Entrepreneurial project leaders around the fight against cancer in the broad sense, all deeptech technologies (therapy, diagnostics, medical device, digital/AI, etc.); candidates may have created their start-up recently or have an entrepreneurial project

Profile : PhD students, postdocs, senior researchers, clinicians and entrepreneurs wishing to translate research discoveries into an innovative company, positioned in oncology.

– Cost : €990 including VAT for the 5 days of training and the 5 lunch breaks

Depending on your situation (student / job seeker / employee), this cost could be covered by your OPCO, Pôle Emploi, Continuing Education Service or maybe your doctoral school ( contact us for any request at contact@oncostart.fr

Whatever your situation, please complete the pre-registration form below (which is not a commitment but allows you to obtain a quote to send to the competent services).

Registration open until September 10, 2023.

Any registration validated by a signed quote cannot be canceled after September 10, 2023 and will therefore be invoiced.

What is the Canva business model ?

Widely used, this document makes it possible to describe the economic model of your entrepreneurial project. The business model describes precisely how your company will earn money and create value. Once completed, you will be able to define your priorities by showing at a glance what you need, the steps to take and the areas for improvement.


More information on the Business Model Canva: https://bpifrance-creation.fr/moment-de-vie/business-model-canvas-outil-incontournable-createur