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See beyond appearances!

What do we do at Damae Medical?

Damae Medical is reinventing skin imaging, revolutionizing the screening, management, and follow-up of skin cancers (melanoma and carcinoma) with its deepLive™ solution, which provides an accurate, fast and reliable optical examination without performing a biopsy.

CE marked, the deepLive™ medical device is based on LC-OCT (Line-field Confocal Optical Coherence Tomography) proprietary optical imaging technology that provides 3D images of the different layers of the skin at the cellular level, complemented by several software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules. This innovation is protected by 6 patent families and has already been published in more than 70 scientific and medical publications.

Present in 10 countries and used in more than 30 world leading centers, deepLive™ transforms the daily practice of dermatologists making the management of skin pathologies efficient, reassuring, and non-invasive for the patient. The product is also used by leading cosmetic and pharmaceutical players for research and evaluation purposes.

Based in Paris, Damae Medical currently employs 30 people driven by innovation and continuous improvement. Winner of several innovation awards (MIT Technology Review, Bpifrance, European Commission), the company has been able to invest more than €20 million since its creation in 2014.

Welcome to a world where you can see beyond appearances!


Join us as Talent Acquisition Manager!

You will play a key role in attracting and retaining the talent needed to develop DAMAE Medical. You will be responsible for developing a unique corporate culture and ensuring good HR management within the company.

What will you do?

·         Attract and retain talents

·         Lead and develop the company culture

·         Structure and develop the Human Resources function



Check the complete job description: www.damae-medical.com/files/22007.pdf


Apply via email with reference 22 007 to job@damae-medical.com