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Damae Medical offers you the opportunity to join the Data Science Team, to take part in the development of our AI projects. Your mission will be to develop, train and validate deep learning models with the following objectives:


1/ Develop AI-based LC-OCT data analysis software for the segmentation in 2D and 3D of skin structures (skin layers, keratinocytes & melanin cells, dermal fiber network or blood vessels) and the quantification of skin metrics. This software toolbox is destinated to research applications addressed by the company


2/ Develop AI-based skin cancers diagnostic prediction software destinated to dermatologists, to help non-expert practitioners with the use and interpretation of deepLive™ exams.


You will:

– Understand clinical objectives behind AI projects. Build a product-oriented development roadmap

– Participate to data collection and labeling plans with clinical partners. Work on database structuration and software labeling tools to facilitate the process

– Develop and train of deep learning models. Testing and validation of models

– Organize and participate to end-user experiments of AI software. Fine-tuning of models

– Contribute to AI models deployment and integration in the software suite

– Participate to AI software technical documentation to support regulatory approvals


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