OncoSTART Entrepreneurship School

What is the OncoSTART Entrepreneurship School ?

The OncoSTART consortium is organizing the 2nd edition of the OncoSTART Entrepreneurship  School from September 23 to 27, 2024 in the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster offices, in Kremlin-Bicêtre.

This school dedicated to entrepreneurship in oncology allows a selection of participants to specify and accelerate the business model of their entrepreneurial project.

Primarily intended for project leaders who are candidates for entrepreneurship around the fight against cancer in the broad sense, this intensive  school aims to help entrepreneurs build their business model by exploring the 9 themes of the CANVAS business model (BMC ). They will be able to rely on the interventions of more than 38 qualified personalities with varied profiles (R&D experts, clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors, IP thematic experts, HR, patient representatives, etc.) who will provide them with both the theoretical bases and the opportunity practice through concrete cases allowing them to succeed in carrying out their entrepreneurial project.


  • Allow participants to clarify and refine the business model of their entrepreneurial project


  • Provide participants with appropriate tools, methodologies and data to mature their entrepreneurial project


  • Support participants in writing their CANVAS Business Model and preparing a presentation pitch.


At the end of the week, each participant had the opportunity to present a pitch of their business model in front of a panel of qualified personalities and benefit from their feedback. In addition to the pitch, participants left with the Business Model written for their project in BMC format.

Terms & conditions:

• Cost  (5 days, breaks and lunches included): €990 excluding tax for professionals, €490 excluding tax for students (limited places)
• Location: Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster offices, 79 avenue de Fontainebleau, 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
• Registration BEFORE AUGUST 30th: https://forms.gle/FQED99wsJD8SuSLGA


Depending on your situation (employee, student, job seeker), this training can be supported by your training organization, your OPCO, your doctoral school or France travail. To request support, pre-register to receive a quote that you will send to the competent department for processing the request.

Video summary of the 1st edition - september 2023: