DA0822 – Data Analyst / Bioinformatics

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Your position

In our quest to advance our translational project management through bioinformatics developments and image & data analyses, we need you to get there!

Explicyte, an Immuno-oncology focused CRO located in Bordeaux, is currently seeking a Data Analyst to perform operational level work in order to strengthen its translational research activities. The candidate will be working with a broad profile of Scientists, including Biologists, Data Scientists, and Physicians, and will be responsible for data mining and analysis in relation with Sponsors’ and R&D studies.

In your role, you will analyze data from various biological samples, eg. FFPE tumor samples, Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells, tumor immune infiltrates, plasma, etc. captured through a wide range of tools and platforms such as Immunohistochemistry (IHC) / Immunohistofluorescence (IHF), spatial transcriptomics, flow cytometry, , gene expression profiling (RNAseq, TCRseq, scRNAseq) or proteomics and metabolomics. You will assist with coding, and support teams to provide deliverables with respect to the project’s requirements and timelines.

You will interact closely with all the translational research team members as well as with other immuno-oncology team members, and will report to the Study Directors and CSO.


Your main Missions & Responsibilities

·        Integrate the biological issue and the questions asked

·        Interact with the Data Analysis Director, the Study Managers or the collaborating teams for the optimal definition of the analysis criteria

·        Use pre-existing bioinformatics tools and develop new ones as needed to enable data mining and analysis (large-scale data analysis and integration, supervised or unsupervised learning, statistics, genomic analysis, modeling, deep learning, etc.)

·        Collect, process, analyze and compare large-scale data from various origins (images, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, etc.)

·        Provide documentation of procedures to describe the analytical strategies

·        Run study reports to achieve study objectives, according to the assigned schedule

·        Have a theoretical understanding of the algorithms used for data analysis and conduct an independent literature review to be at the forefront of the latest developments and data analysis methods

·        Ensure a scientific and technological watch in its field of competence


Your Skills & Traits required for the position

·        PhD degree (or equivalent experience) in Bioinformatics, Biostatistics or in Computational Biology

·        Mastery of R and of other most common programming languages (Python, mySQL, Groovy, C/C++,…) is mandatory and some analysis software, such as Inform, Qupath, FlowJo, CellRanger

·        Knowledge of the analysis of large-scale biological data is essential (Sequence alignment, mapping, SNP, variant, TCRseq etc…)

·        Knowledge of basic and multivariate statistics is required

·        Ability to conceptualize desired tables and graphs and codebase as needed

·        Knowledge of cloud computing (AWS, Azure etc…) and database development (mySQL)

·        Minimum 2 years’ experience in bio, biotech or health research / industry

·        Ability to adapt activities and priorities to challenging deliverables

·        Written and oral English required

·        Experience in project management is highly appreciated

·        Enthusiasm and high motivation, with integrity and strong interpersonal and organizational skills


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