How does it work ?

The OncoSTART 3-axis toolbox (sensitizing / training / accelerating) offers a continuum of actions to answer the specific needs of each candidate (doctoral, and post-docs students, young researchers willing to valorize their project or serial entrepreneurs…).

The OncoSTART’s toolbox is based on both pooling of the best existing support programs, and create new actions, always working as a network.

Who can benefit from OncoSTART?

Any type of project leader: entrepreneur candidate or confirmed entrepreneur in oncology.

(doctoral students, post-docs, researchers with new projects to develop, entrepreneurs proposing innovative projects)


How to benefit from OncoSTART?

Contact the OncoSTART team via presenting your idea / project / start-up.

The OncoSTART team will get back to you to schedule an appointment.


What are the eligibility criteria?

There are not any !

OncoSTART is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each candidate.


What type of innovations falls within the scope of OncoSTART?

Any type of project related to oncology: preventive, pronostic, diagnostic, therapeutic, digital, supportive care, web application, AI, etc.


Concretely, what can OncoSTART do for me?

OncoSTART is a toolbox in which you can draw different modules:

Awareness sessions, training, coaching, entrepreneurship program, support, networking with investors / clinicians / manufacturers / …, etc.


How much does OncoSTART support cost?

Most of the proposed actions are free, since they are based on already existing and funded programs. But the consortium is proposing new actions that run on paid service to date.


I represent an organization working in the fight against cancer, how can I join the OncoSTART dynamic ?

Contact the OncoSTART team via presenting the means / actions that you could add to the consortium. The request will be reviewed by the OncoSTART steering committee.

Mode d'emploi d'ONCOstart